DEF Equipment

DEF Equipment

Ports Petroleum provides high quality DEF equipment. We work with several suppliers in the industry, which means we will always be able to find the right equipment to fit your needs. Below are images of some of the more popular equipment we sell. To learn about other equipment or for more information, contact our knowledgeable sales team.


ArmorBlue TD1
TD1 Details
ArmorBlue TED1
TED1 Details
Gravity Kit
Gravity Kit Details
Piusi Rotary Tote Pump
Piusi Rotary Tote Pump Details
DC30 Mobile Cart
DC30 Details
Piusi Rotary Drum Pump
Piusi Rotary Drum Pump Details
ArmorBlue Piston Pump
Piston Pump Details

Outdoor Solutions

DEF Shield
Shield Details
Cube Details
Heated Blanket
Blanket Details


Quality Assurance Details
Nozzles Details
Meters Details
Misc Details

Bulk and Mini-Bulk Systems

Mini bulk systems are the perfect solution for small to medium-sized fleets and retailers. We offer retail dispensers capable of integrating with most Point of Sale (POS) Systems and emulating many 3rd party diesel dispensers. The fleet dispenser interfaces with most fuel management systems (FMS) via programmable input to stainless steel pulse output meter.

We also offer bulk tank systems that give you the power to build a DEF solution as unique as your business. To learn more about bulk and mini-bulk systems, contact our DEF team.

Bulk and Mini Bulk
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