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Drum pumps             armorblue TeD1

                    The ArmorBlue TED1 Drum Pump is a great mobile solution and can go wherever you
                need. It is the perfect solution for low volume shops, fieldwork, general fluid transfer, and an
                 alternative to manual hand pumps. With the power option of 115v wall plug, 12v gator clips,
                  or a 19.2v battery this pump can be stationary or mobile with a simple switch of the power
                    supply. This allows you to take your drum wherever product needs to be transferred.


                                                                             •  Self priming submersible

                                                                                 electric pump
                                                                             •  DEF flow rates up to 5 GPM

                                                                             •  10’ discharge hose

                                                                             •  Built in nozzle swivel

                                                                             •  Manual poly nozzle

                                                                             •  Universal fit for standard 55
                                                                                 gallon plastic drums

                                                                             •  115v/12v power option (#9020)

                                                                             •  19.2v battery pack power

                                                                                 option (#9021)

                                                            115v/12v Option (#9020)       19.2v Battery Pack (#9021)

        Part Number: #9020 / #9021

                                 CompaTible WiTh                         opTional aCCessories

                                     Drums                           Flow Meter    Replacement Battery

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